Posted on Nov 30, 2016

In the month of June 2016, TZUL announces the release of its new collection “Lone Wolf”, showcasing our embroidery patchwork, as a simple exclusive limited collection of armor that displays strength, perseverance, unbelievable courage, and a will to succeed. As the summer is approaching, TZUL wanted to release a collection that contains "Must- have" pieces that belong in one's personal collection. Our efforts for the "Lone Wolf” collection features: velvet shirts, distressed denim, leather panel leggings, bombers, fedoras, and other items. These pieces are comfortable wear for TZUL’s casual loners. 

Lone wolves are those of powerful instinct, intuition, and high intelligence. Lone wolves must learn to fend for themselves without the help or dependency of any sole group. 

“Live To Be Known” is a phrase that TZUL created to describe one’s purpose. When TZUL is worn, you will immediately transition to the best version of your self. These pieces instill confidence in the individual to refer to themself as “KNOWN”. TZUL’s goal is to create a mold not followed with out-of-the norm designs, textiles, and details. Each design and inspiration is catered to men and women who love to break all boundaries and become the trend. All garments are unisex. The pieces created projects a blend of comfort, luxury, elegance, and a vintage contemporary style. Each design of this collection is for those who want to pay homage. 

A Lone wolf is an individual who prefers solitude or who works alone. A lot of discovery and insight is found in solitude upon reflection. With comes solitude comes a catalyst of reflection and growth. In this case, those who are excluded are described as a lone wolf. 

Sharie Tzul is the CEO/President of TZUL. TZUL is Sharie’s last name- A Mayan name, specifically from Belize. 

TZUL’s designs is inspired by unconventional fashion, the 90’s era, Asian and European fashion mixed with her interest of untraditional, luxury and futuristic concepts that’s meshed together to create the vision of TZUL. Amongst this collection a statement is made in bold “Live to be known” with the intricate details, textile, color scheme of its 

pieces. With the "Lone Wolf” collection each piece is a statement strategically designed for those to make their world their runway but in this case as loners- who are not afraid to stand for what one believes in, as loners.