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Another post from the office of TZUL. What does Live To Be Known mean? 

A lot of people have asked what is TZUL? What does TZUL mean? Is it an acronym? TZUL is a name, not an acronym for anything. This name is of Mayan descent. TZUL stands behind the motto "Live To Be Known" and will continue to push to spread that message. "Live To Be Known" is answering the questions of "What is my life's purpose?" "What is it that I am in suppose to be doing?" When you have no direction of what to do look at the motto: "Live To Be Known". You should want tone and do you best, no matter what. The BEST… Stop short-changing yourself. If you have a talent or a skill then perfect it to its “T”. Greatness doesn't exist by just being . Stop looking up to someone who has already "made it" but be the one that made it. "Live To Be Known". #TZUL