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TZUL Distressed Patched Flannel Denim

$ 200.00

Live To Be Known

TZUL Distressed Patched Flannel Denim

Distressed with intricate detail for both men and women by hand, blown out, through multi-step washes and processes.

-Sits Below Waist

-Patched Detail

-Flannel Patch Material 

-Gauze Material 

-Skinny Fit

-Slightly Tapered leg


 These will be "Must-have" pieces that belong in your own personal denim collection. 

****If you are a woman purchasing, please specify your normal sizing in the comment section and we will make the proper conversion. Thank you!







Lone Wolf Collection:

Some of the most successful, talented, and creative individuals are not found in crowds, they stand alone as they are not afraid. 
-"Live To Be Known"
TZUL decided to bring intricate pieces that was design to create as "Must-have" pieces that belong in your own personal collection. Each piece showcased was conceptualize within a weeks time to see what great minds conceive.

**Each garment are customized to its own look so a lot of time and effort has been executed in every garment. 

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